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This book will help you understand how to repair conflict, move from disconnection to reconnection, and discover God’s movement in your life and relationships. From couples to families, community, and God, we outline a model for how healing happens and relationships can be transformed.

“True Connection compellingly reminds us to trust in the vision given in the scriptures that tells us to turn towards those we love with vulnerability and compassion.”

Dr. Susan Johnson, Author of Created for Connection and Founder & Director International Center for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy

“True Connection encourages readers to listen their bodies distressing signals of disconnection and use that wise information to propel them to something differently; heading towards their partner to repair instead of fighting or turning away.  Absolutely worth giving this book to every couple and family you care about!”

Dr. Sharon May, Author and Founder and President of Safe Haven Relationship Counseling Center

“True Connection is a must read for all couples!  A wonderful exegesis of God’s framework for relationships and how we use His design to connect with our spouse at the deepest levels.”

Chris Cambas, MA, LMFT, Founder of Full Circle Ministries, National Marriage Seminars & Couplestrong

“I needed this book when I had teenagers! Heather Wright and George Faller’s NAME IT process for healing relationships is so helpful and practical, and they illustrate it with vivid, real-life stories. I particularly appreciate their emphasis on vulnerability as a significant component of relational health.”

Lynne Baab, Presbyterian minister and author of numerous books and Bible study guides.

“Look–we all have relationships in various stages of brokenness. I do. But I’m often not clear what to do to bring about restoration. George and Heather have provided us all with a very helpful and accessible way to talk about it, and bring healing.”

John Eldredge, Author, counselor, teacher and President of Ransomed Heart ministry